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Chiropractic and Children

Are you aware that chiropractic care may help alleviate some symptoms for your child that would help them improve their quality of life daily?

Chiropractic care focuses on the improvement of the nervous system and allows the body to talk to itself better.  The brain sends messages down through the spinal cord, out all the nerves.  These nerves go to function not only the arms and legs for movement, but the organs to function better.  By removing this nerve interference, the body can work more optimally physically, chemically and emotionally.  It can also help the brain hemispheres connect and function better, which in turn can improve immune function, sleep, focus, digestive issues, behavior, mood, and many more.  When your brain is able to communicate to your body better, everything can function better.  That is why Chiropractic is not just about pain relief, but is also about wellness care.

Think of a water hose.  If you had water flowing through the hose and you bent it, it would not allow the water to get through at 100%.  It is like your nervous system.  If your brain is sending messages to communicate to your body and organs and it gets “interference” along the way, what will happen?  It can not communicate at its best.  Chiropractic looks for those “interferences”, which we call “subluxations”, and helps remove them.  How?

Nicole Gaitanis-Ioli, D.C. utilizes a very gentle, low force adjustment.  She uses what is called an ArthoStim.  It very gently takes the pressure off the nervous system without any typical chiropractic, “cracking and popping”, most may be used to.  By doing this, it’s like un-kinking the water hose so you can have full flow again.  With the brain-body connection, it improves communication to the body, establishing improvement in overall symptoms and body functions.

If you are looking for a drugless, painless way to help your child, and start a path to a lifetime of good health, this is a great start.  We do not specifically diagnose and/or treat specific conditions, rather we document the problem and use chiropractic to aid in lessening or relieving the pain or symptoms.

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