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Allergy Clearing Technique

What is allergy clearing technique?

Allergy clearing technique was developed by chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Ross, whom had a daughter with allergies to many things. Through the use of Koren specific technique (KST) which was developed from Dr. Ted Koren it was birthed. Allergy Clearing Technique applies a lot of the same principles of KST. The body responds from a physiological response within the body by using a "no/yes" response. By using the Occipital Drop (OD) check (please refer back to KST to read more information on the OD), the body has a very basic way of communicating to us what it needs through this "no/yes" response. It can help us figure out how to get the body to reset and balance itself and it can even do that with helping to reset allergies. It incorporates the idea that the body should be seeing foods/environmental items as a friend and not as an enemy. The process of allergy clearing technique is to have the body see what is currently seen as an enemy and converted back to a friend. When the body is overwhelmed with physical, chemical, emotional things throughout life, the body gets overwhelmed and can start to go haywire, not being able to adapt as well to things. This technique will allow the body to balance itself enabling foods/environmental allergies to be lessened or even dissipated. An analogy to help use to describe this particular technique would be describing an electrical panel on the house. Most people never think about the electrical panel with all the circuit breaker's on their house as long as everything is going well. If you plug in a hair dryer into an overloaded circuit and turn it on "pop" the circuit trips. Your lights and power go out. You have to go out to the panel and reset that circuit. You would also need to unplug the hair dryer to take the load off the circuit, so it does not trip the circuit again. This is probably the easiest analogy to explain what happens in the body with allergy clearing technique. We reset the circuit. This is why someone can have years of no problems and all of a sudden developed an allergy. There circuits have got overloaded and it finally triggered. We not only want to reset the circuit and also help to offload the circuit to prevent it from popping again. **To read about some amazing allergy clearing technique stories, go to the "success stories" Tab on the front page.

Source- Dr. Keven W. Ross

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