Below are some of the therapies used to help with many ailments.

Erchonia Low-Level Laser

Every living cell in the human body functions at a specific frequency. Cells may change its frequency when exposed to physical stresses such as surgeries or injuries, chemical toxins such as medications or poor diet, or even emotional stresses. The Erchonia low level laser, otherwise know as the PL 5, is one of the only cold lasers that will help to activate the communication between the brain and damage cells. This laser can be used to inhibit or stimulate the cellular functions which can improve health. Anything from pain relief, increasing range of motion, strengthening the immune system, speeding up healing, regenerating damage nerve tissue, decreasing inflammation, and much more. The Erchonia laser emits a visible coherent light that stimulates the body's ability to produce ATP, which allows a natural healing of the body in decrease time.

Interferential and Moist Heat

Interferential therapy is used to relieve pain and accelerate the self healing process, getting your body back to a healthy, pain-free state. The high-frequency signals of interferential penetrate through the skin into deeper lying muscle tissues. This may help to decrease inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms. Using this therapy with the chiropractic adjustment may help to relax the muscles and hold the adjustments for a longer period of time. In addition, moist heat is used to get a deeper relaxation of the muscles, promoting better pain relief.

EB Pro - Energy Balancing System

The EB Pro was designed and developed to restore the body's balance and energy levels through exposure to an ion field. The EB Pro Ion Therapy systems are only direct current units. This is to ensure no unwanted power transits or static sounds are passed to the body. The average treatment may last 10 to 20 minutes. Healthy individuals often have reported feeling more energy, and experience a greater feeling of well-being. Patients with pain and edema, headaches, and swollen joints have often reported immediate relief. Other patients with allergies, arthritis, lymphedema, neuralgia and other symptoms have experience relief and benefits with multiple treatments as well.

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