Success Stories

From Skeptic to Believer!

Seven years ago, our daughter experienced a traumatic brain injury at birth.  She is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, spastic quadriplegia, developmental delay, oral aversion, failure to thrive, reflux, constipation, chronic sinus and ear infections, inconsistent sleep patterns, and is g-tube fed.

We took our daughter to her orthopedic doctor to discuss discomfort she was demonstrating which appeared to stem from her back and leg.  After reviewing x-rays and a thorough evaluation, the orthopedic doctor came to the conclusion that her discomfort was related to neither back nor leg.  Frustrated with no answers, our daughters speech therapist recommended Dr. Ioli for natural chiropractic advice.  I was hesitant to try something "new" and "different" than anything we had ever done, but I was desperate to find relief for her.

Dr. Ioli has been using KST (Koren Specific Technic) on our daughter weekly by "reading our daughter's body" and using the actuator to address her physical and emotional needs.  Our daughters discomfort was addressed within the first two visits, she is more relaxed, and she is sleeping better.  Dr. Ioli also introduced us to Juice Plus for better immunity, more consistent bowels, supplementation of whole foods into her daily diet, and overall health.

From skeptic to believer, Dr. Ioli has formed an incredible bond with our daughter and done incredible things for our entire family unit!  Emily M.~Mother

Dr. Ioli is the BEST!
I am so thankful for Dr. Ioli's gentle and knowledgable help. She completely helped me through my journey into menopause. I had chronic insomnia and absolutely no energy. She was able to help me repair my body and give my body what it needed to heal itself. This process has given me my life back! Dr. Ioli is intuitive, knowledgable, and a good listener - a true HEALER
Tami B.

Health Improvement
Since beginning my treatment with Dr. Nicole, I have felt a tremendous improvement in my overall energy and health. Dr. Nicole has a real passion and commitment to each of her clients. She has treated my entire family with success. I will definitely continue to recommend her. Tosha

My husband John and myself have been seeing Dr. Ioli for 12 years, and staying with her for that length of time certainly shows how good a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist she is. Believe me there have been times when we could hardly walk into her office because of lower back issues, but her adjustments are like magic and truly help to relieve the pain and get us back in alignment . It is amazing that we go every month to keep our backs in alignment , and I know if we didn't go, we would have more issues. Dr. Ioli is very professional and so knowledgeable in her field.!  John and Karen V.

Natural path to health
I am a firm believer in the benefits of proper nutrition. We all know that it's difficult if not impossible to obtain the nutrients that our bodies need simply by eating food we buy at the store. Since beginning a nutrition plan using supplements prescribed by Dr. Nicole Ioli, I have witnessed many changes, including the fact that I have been able to reduce the number of medications that I take. I highly recommend her. She is very professional and she sincerely cares and will assist you in regaining your health the natural way.

Dr. Ioli is my saving grace!
I preface this review to let others know that as a 44-year old cardiac patient, I have to be especially careful as to what I can and can't do nutritionally, physically, etc. I met Dr. Ioli this last summer, and she has taken my fear of everything and helped me to turn it into courage. I felt that I had so many real issues that I was a medical mess. Some of my issues included major inflammation, anxiety, out-of-control adrenals, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, and basic dietary deficiencies. With the help of Dr. Ioli's nutritional support, I am now off of any anxiety meds, and my hot flashes have ceased (thank goodness!). Working together with patience and persistence, I no longer have inflammation issues which have been contributing to major problems with pericarditis. I am no longer constantly in fear and although my nutrition journey is not done, I no longer feel I have to face it alone. Dr. Ioli is more knowledgeable about nutrition than any medical Dr. I have spoken to. I believe this to be true because it is sincerely a passion of hers.  Jennifer W. 12/31/15

I have known Dr. Ioli for a little over four years. She has been at different locations and I always follow her wherever she is practicing. She's the best and knows exactly how to make me feel better!  Karen F.  12/23/15

Dr. Ioli is amazing!
I have been with Dr. Ioli since 2006 and words cannot describe how she has changed my life since my car accident. She specializes in gentle activator method using a 10-inch tool that gently puts the bone back in place taking the pressure off the nervous system. Dr. Ioli goes the extra mile by adjusting my feet and hands to include spending as much time as needed on my body. Dr. Ioli truly cares about her patients as she is so different from other chiropractors that I have tried when I lived in the mid-west.  Debbie M. 12/23/15

Nutrition and Chiropractor
I've had a talkative stomach for a long time, I started seeing Dr. Ioli and she helped heal my stomach with supplements. Bye, bye tummy problems!
I only saw/trusted my chiropractor when I went home to California. I figured it was time to find one in Arizona. Since I saw Dr. Ioli for nutrition I thought I'd also see her for chiropractic, she is great! I really like how she talks with you about what she is doing. I highly recommend Dr. Ioli for your nutrition or chiropractic needs.  Lindsay D. 12/17/15

Dr. Nicole she's not your standard chiropractor she uses the holistic approach.  I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but after a couple of visits I am sold on her method.  She is very very good at what she does and I highly recommend her!  Mike M. 01/21/16

I was having severe chronic neck and back pain that was preventing me from working. I made an appointment with Dr Nicole Ioli. It’s been just a month now and my chronic pain is gone and what's left is becoming a thing of the past.  Dr Nicole is always wanting to know how you feel each time you walk in and how the holistic approach is progressing. She has great bedside manner and is genuinely concerned on your well-being. She too tailors treatment to wear the trouble spots are instead of just the cookie cutter approach. I can't be happier in my choice for a great overall experience in my quest to be pain free. If you are looking for a place that makes you feel like family and truly listens to your issues I would recommend.
Steve H.  01/18/16

I started seeing Dr. Ioli following a vehicle accident. She offers excellent chiropractic care and helpful lifestyle advice. Bill E.

Great Doctor
I have been seeing Dr. Gaitanis-Ioli for over 7 years. Her challenge is to keep my bad back in good shape which she has done. I have developed full confidence in "Dr. Nick" and her chiropractic practice.
I have seen many chiropractors over the past 35 years. "Dr. Nick" is the best by far of all those I have seen.  Graham L.

The Best!
I have been seeing Dr. Ioli for 10 years. She is professional, extremely gentle and effective. The quality of our lives is better because of Dr. Ioli. She feels like family!
Von L.


We went to Dr. Nicole yesterday and what an experience! Never, I mean never in all of our years of chiropractic care has anyone taken the time with as like she ...did. Only one of us has seen her but I think each of my family members will be going to Dr. Nicole. She has a specialized technique that I've never seen used and through it it can provide complete healing to the body. She is amazing!  Connie B.

Thank you!

Dr. Nicole listens to you and your body! Her low pressure KST is effective and healing. So thankful I found Vibrant Family Chiropractic.  Angela T.

My whole life has changed for the better since going to Dr. Ioli. I was literally lifeless, extremely fatigued, severely addicted to fast food and dealing with overwhelming symptoms I had never before experienced. She was my lifeline. I just knew she was going to be the one to assist me on this journey. Not only is she the most caring and kindest person I've met in a long time, but she is extremely talented, skilled and very intuitive. There is no ego involved here. She is ve...ry modest about her abilities and yet she truly has a magic touch.

My Life Back!

I am actually getting emotional as I write this because I have suffered for over 20 years of my life with weight issues, debilitating psoriasis all over my body (very severe), self-esteem issues, and so much more. I also felt extremely stuck in life when I first came to see Dr. Ioli. I honestly didn't think there would be an end in sight and not only am I almost completely back to the energetic, vibrant person I once was, but the KST sessions have also helped me release decades of JUNK that I was holding onto so tightly. Holding onto past emotions, hurts and angers will literally cause your body to shut down, and that is what happened to me.

Thank you Dr. Ioli for literally giving me my life back. If I didn't come see you and trust in your amazing treatments I wouldn't be in a place where I finally was able to build the website I always wanted to from scratch, write 3 ebooks and become completely excited about my future again. I'm just sad I didn't find you sooner. You are a true gift from god! xoxoxoxo  Danielle M.

Amazing Doctor!

Amazing doctor! I have seen Dr. Nicole for kst and nutrition. I am grateful I found her and HIGHLY recommend. Chrystal B.

Nothing short of Miraculous!
A little over a month ago I began seeing Dr Nicole Ioli at Vibrant F...amily Chiropractic and my life has been nothing but short of miraculous. She's been assisting with my nutrition and helping my body recover after stressful work days and training for my run. The biggest miracle is I brought my youngest son (age 5) in for his bed wetting. After one visit, with a few adjustments and some nutrition suggestions he went 3 days straight waking up dry. (Mommy Happy dance) Also with her help, I broke through a deep fear and am going to finally follow my dream. I'm starting school Jan 17th to get my massage therapy certificate. I hope you all take a chance and check her out too. You'll thank me, I promise!!! 
Megan A.